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Kneck2Knee Cover

About us

Having worked in Marketing for over 30 years for multinational best selling brands I totally understand the importance of having a product that works, that fulfills all expectations and not only is uncomplicated  but actually brings simplicity in itself. That is the key to a genuine brand promise.
I've had the idea for MyHousecoat for many years now, having seen both my parents wearing something similar over the years, and feeling a little distraught that I couldn't source something similar for myself while I was doing my household and garden jobs! So at last I have taken the step to design, research and bring this product to market. Initially I had one simple design in mind, - but thanks to my market research feedback - I have decided to bring 3 unique designs to market. Each design offers something different, yet all based on the same principal - keeping your clothes clean while you do your dirty jobs around the home and garden. Uncomplicated, simple, and functional. Thank you for your kind patience in bringing this simple product to you, Thoughtfully designed with you in mind. I hope you find the perfect soloution for you. Come on in and have a look...
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So much to little time & so much mess!

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A simple solution.

Whether you are cooking, cleaning, doing your gardening or washing the car, there is always a moment when you realise that you should have prepared a little better in advance! Keeping your own clothes clean when you are doing dirty jobs is simple for you now. At MyHousecoat, we have made that moment a simple grab and go moment! We have the Coat, - which gives you full body cover, yes, long sleeves for those really akward jobs, and full Kneck2Knee cover with adjustable front closing. Thoughtfully designed to allow you lots of flexibility for those hard to reach jobs! Then the Wrap is a more simple and quick put on - again full cover, Kneck2Knee, full sleeve length , lightweight for those looking for a little less weight in the garment. Then the Sleeveless - exactly as it says, this is a cooler shorter option for those easier, smaller jobs. So, whether you want to keep your clothes protected while you paint, cook, wash your floors, clean your bathrooms, wash the dog, or do some digging in the mucky garden, MyHousecoat has been thoughtfully designed to cover all the bits you need covered.

Delivery & Returns

We deliver worldwide. Delivery within Ireland 2-3 days. Standard rate of €8 per parcel. Delivery to UK allow approx. 5 -7 working days. Customs charges are included for UK deliveries. Note : A parcel may contain multiple products - up to 20 in total - same rate applies. If you wish to exchange goods, please contact us by email giving your order number as reference. We will then arrange a refund, exchange or return with you. Cost and timing of delivery to countries outside Ireland and UK will vary depending on location. If you wish to order from a country outside Ireland or the UK, or you wish to arrange a return or refund, the email contact is

Payment Info

Card payment is accepted online. Personal details are private and all transactions are secure. Once you have made payment you will get an email outlining confirmation of order and delivery timings. We do not facilitate cash purchases at delivery.
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The perfect soloution to keeping your clothes clean while you get on with those dirty ol' jobs

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As a marketing person, customer feedback is the single most important element of any great product, so I would really appreciate your feedback.  Please email comments or suggestions to All enquiries to same email, also. Don't forget to follow us on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube social media accounts. In here we have lots of like minded friends, lots of tips and tricks, promotions and giveaways.
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Railway Bus. Park, Rathdrum, Co. Wicklow
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Mon - Friday, 9am : 5pm.